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Menschlein® (little man)    Menschlein® (little man) - Sculpture: Refugees    Menschlein® (little man) - Sculpture: We have great power    Menschlein® (little man) - Sculpture: The torn bond    Menschlein® (little man) - Edition in solid gold 500+1 signed & numbered    Menschlein® (little man)
Poster - Menschlein®

On one of my travels I looked out of the window of a plane and saw an endless stream of people-fleeing from others.

Details, such as their eyes or ears, the colour of their skin or even their arms and legs, were not discernible from that height. The individual with his worries and fears, with his few belongings was insignificant at such a distance, and was nothing more than some tiny insect on its way to its death.

Back at home, I tried to express what I had experienced in form and in 1988 I decided to include a symbol for man in some of my sculptures. This was the birth of "Menschlein", a figure which is 28 mm tall and designed in accordance with the classical principles of human proportions. Man reduced to what I had perceived from the window of the plane that day.
  In the sculpture "Refugees", which was on exhibition for three months in the Central Hall of the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1997, hundreds of these "Menschlein" traverse the valley of sorrow. A group of three "Menschlein" can be found in most of my works.

The figure "Menschlein" is also available singly on request: either gold- or silver-plated, and in the future in a worldwide limited, numbered and signed edition of 500 in solid gold. (Commencement of sale will be given at a later date.)